Photo Shoot Charity - Give/Gift Photo Shoot to...

Photo Shoot Charity - Give/Gift Photo Shoot to Someone - 2023

Give the gift of joy by paying for 1 ½* photo shoot.


Whether application pictures or a portrait, a photo is much more than just a file or a piece of paper. It gives me great pleasure to use professional images to help people get new jobs, more attention on social media, or to help products and businesses be more successful. By putting something on top of your own photo shoot, you are enabling another person to go to the photographer and providing joy and long lasting memories, because pictures last a lifetime and even longer.


*I'll cover the 2nd half. 


 Request date:  MAIL  


More information for the photo shoot and portfolio can be found at:

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Creating professional job application pictures


The offer includes:


Application photos 2 backgrounds: Price CHF 92.00 x 1.5 = 138.00 Your photo charity price and you give someone the same job application photo shoot.


Other possibilities on request.

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